Strengthen your position for Google search engine. Show your expertise in the subject matter of your business. Engage your target audience at all stages of readiness to make a decision in favor of your company. B2B content marketing outsourcing by DigitOWL aims to perform all these tasks on a professional level.

Content Strategy

What, when, for whom, and in what form to publish

Native Only

Content created by native speakers only

SEO Optimization

Adding keywords and internal links to articles


Clear structured and visualized content

B2B lead generation through the implementation of a content marketing strategy is one of the most popular solutions when it comes to expansion into highly competitive markets. For instance, when considering foreign vendors, U.S. companies evaluate the expertise level through content, among other things.


Why is it so difficult to make it work?

There are 3 goals for B2B content marketing to reach:

  1. Availability
  2. Engagement
  3. Reaction

This means the provided content should be ranked, read and cause a resonance (questions or discussions).

To succeed, a proper topic should be revealed to the right audience. The company experts should be the first source of input data for content marketing as they know best what is relevant for the target audience. If users trust your expertise, they will trust your product or service eventually.

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Контент-маркетинг для продвижения компаний в США | DigitOWL Marketing

“Pseudo content marketing” is the way that most companies, unfortunately, choose to go. Due to lack of time or motivation company experts are not involved in the content generation process. In this case, only information from the internet is supplied. It may work at times, but such content won’t be recognized as valuable. This will affect conversion to leads accordingly.


How Do We Do It?
  • We determine what is relevant in your topic now, find similar materials and try to write unique, better, more interesting content.
  • We enlist management support and tap the expertise of your employees, conducting interviews to gather information.
  • We’re trying to add relevant keywords to our content that are good for SEO. We optimize images.
  • We write articles as well as content for landing pages that should bring you leads.
  • We conveniently structure articles and illustrate photos appropriate to the context – in short, we do everything to simplify the perception of information by the user.
  • We publish not only articles but also images, presentations, infographics, animations, videos and other types of content.
  • We use different methods of content distribution to spread it as much as possible.
  • Sometimes we artificially generate resonance or positive reviews, which can become a trigger for increased interest in content.


B2B content marketing is a long-term project, the result of which can be expected no earlier than after 6 months of active work. But this effect may last a year or more, even if all activities are stopped. Once a successful article is written it will attract traffic that converts into leads for a long time after publication.

B2B content marketing connects all the components of digital marketing. It is an integral part of a complex project. Accordingly, the cost of B2B content marketing outsourcing by DigitOWL starts at $1350 per month and does not include the cost of additional work, such as native copywriting, proofreading, professional design, infographics development, advertising distribution (for instance, via LinkedIn), and image purchase.

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