Digital Workplace for Enterprises

SharePoint Intranet Solution for communication, collaboration, engagement in middle and large size companies.

Targeting: USA/International
Tasks: Marketing Strategy development, website development, SEO, PPC, SMM, Email Marketing.

Company: Lizard Soft

Country: Ukraine

Project Start: August 2016


Brand Awareness

Brand launch in the U.S. market from scratch; the project hit the top 10 worldwide (data from a specialized publication from ClearBox Consulting).

Google Ranking

Top 10 in Google for most of the keywords in 6 months;


Full description of a complex product in simple words. Identified targeting and buyer personas. Developed road maps for obtaining leads through various online channels.

Website Traffic

An average monthly increase of organic traffic by 10%; total traffic increase of 20%. Conversion into leads is about 3–5%.