Three-Dimensional Visualization for Virtual and Augmented Reality, WEB3D

3D presentations in the browser – solutions for heavy machinery and industrial equipment manufacturers

Targeting: EU (primarily Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Northern Italy).
Tasks: Digital Marketing Strategy development and implementation; competition environment research, website concept development, Content Marketing, PPC, SEO, SMM.

Company: VISARD

Country: Germany

Project Start: August 2018



We have identified the target segments, and developed pricing and attractive descriptions of the services. Also, we made a prioritization of online channels for promotion. Rebranding and concept change.

Google Ranking

Top 10 Google ranking for the main keywords (20/60) from the semantic for Germany for 6 months, without an additional budget for links.

Website Traffic

Average monthly increase of organic traffic by 10%.

Google Ads Campaigns

Effective advertising campaigns in the search network and remarketing. CTR – up to 7%. Conversion rate is about 4-6%.