Paid traffic is the solution at the initial stage of the project. It just requires somebody to manage all those campaigns, groups, and messages with high click-through rate (CTR) and low cost-per-click (CPC). We can handle it for you in Google Ads and Bing.

Two-Level Keyword Research

1. Manual keyword collection, adding keyword «tails» (various combinations of group components); 2. Verification and expansion by Keyword Planner tool

Ads Marketing

At least two ads in the group to determine the most effective one; commercially attractive messages according to marketing strategy.

Landing Pages

Create landing pages for key queries and ad groups to improve quality score and lower cost-per-click.

Our Own List of Negative Keywords

Universal “trash” keywords collected from our different projects. Allows you to reduce the number of irrelevant, non-commercial clicks.


We track website visitors and “chase” them with banner ads on the Google affiliate network. Remarketing should be set up as early as possible.

Calls Only

When clicked, a call is made to the specified number (not available for all countries). The conversion from traffic to a deal can be 30% or higher!


Usually, it takes around 5 working days to collect the keywords and create campaigns, groups, and ads. First, we need to test new campaigns. This can take 2–4 weeks or longer (depending on the topic and number of impressions it has). Ads expenses are not included in the monthly price of DigitOWL team outsourcing.

PPC на США для B2B | DigitOWL Marketing
PPC реклама для B2B | DigitOWL Marketing

The price of DigitOWL PPC outsourcing for B2B starts from $1200 per month. It includes Google and Bing ads management. The launch, configuration, and management of PPC campaigns can be carried out both through the client’s profile and on the basis of our account. We also charge a 20% fee of the budget spent on advertising.

Drop a Message!

Send us a quote for calculating the monthly cost of conducting PPC campaigns. What’re your goals, capabilities and the site of the product/service/ campaign.