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We help technology startups and enterprises to fight a place on the USA/Global market with a complete set of digital marketing services. DigitOWL Marketing dedicated remote team of tech-savvy marketers that provides even more than you expect from a regular digital marketing agency.


Using strategic marketing planning we increase the efficiency of further decisions on how to promote your brand online. Affordable digital marketing outsourcing for IT companies by DigitOWL allows meeting global challenges without huge expenses. Check our IT digital marketing pricing now!

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Digital Marketing for IT Industry: Specifics

Providing IT services especially in B2B is pretty challenging due to its complexity and hardened communication with decision-makers. Often you need to reach a number of people in the company to show your product values and advantages specifically connected to their field. That’s why we use different types of marketing messages and different online channels according to the marketing strategy and buyer personas. Here are some of them:

Niche Websites

Display Ads in Targeted Google Network

Blog Platforms

Like CMS Wire – Expert Articles

Social Media

Paid Posts in the Related Groups

Direct Messages

Through Email and in LinkedIn

Finding your brand on different online platforms is only half of the way. Providing digital marketing for IT, our task is to make prospects visit your website as many times as needed for getting a request for contact or demo. It’s possible if they see your brand in different places with relevant content. Using client profiles we create messages that shoot exactly to the target audiences’ pain points.

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