Marketing Strategy

Your Vital primary Roadmap for B2B Digital Marketing Activities

Let's Justify All Your Next Moves and Plan the Results!

Full set of instruments necessary to build result-oriented digital strategies. Eventually, you will have the answers to all basic questions that appear during online promotion.


The point where your proposition meets the market’s demand

Target Audiences

Companies which will be interested in your offer; decomposition to personalities


To use their experience, enhancing the successful efforts and avoiding possible mistakes

Website Concept

Structure, quality, and composition of the content elements on the landing pages

Online Channels

Plan and choose the priority of different types of digital marketing activities


Month by month expenses during a year to reach the goals

Classic Marketing Approach

At this stage the company management should be involved significantly as they are the most aware of the current vision, goals, and place of the company in the market. Using our proven methodology, we provide the essential instruments to develop a fully working strategy to help with the most of further marketing activities.

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Marketing Mix


Product Life Cycle

BCG Matrix

Marketing Strategy as a Service

Marketing strategy development might take from 5 working days. It depends on the industry, company’s diversification, product/service complexity, features, and many other factors. In some cases, we can provide a strategic session in your company. Using our proven methods and instruments it will be easy to build your own specifiс complete working document which will be updated during the work.

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