Email Marketing for B2B

The Second Most Efficient Channel for Lead Generation... Still

Outsource Email Marketing to Get Low-cost Warm Leads

We will help you to reach your target audience out with the help of B2B email marketing – an optimized information delivery system for the key corporate contacts in companies that may be interested in your product/service.

Contact Research

Contact list from a scratch or a bought database with subsequent validation

Email Marketing Tool

We will help you to choose and setup the platform that fits all your needs

Email Optimization

The letters we provide look individually tailored, and aren’t filtered out by email systems

A/B Testing

The same letter sent to two+ parts of the TA with different elements to find out which is better


Google Analytics reports with UTM tags to track a specific email marketing campaign

Sales Team Collaboration

Sales team involvement – to work with leads and participate in the development of the letters

Email Lists

How to Collect and Grow?

Your outsourced team might include dedicated contact research specialists. Your marketing strategy will serve as input data for better understand your prospects and which messages might be more persuasive. In case you don’t have one we can help to build it.

An alternative (or additional) option is a paid contact database. It can work if the target audience is well specified so a group of potentially interested companies can stand out from the rest.

The price of such a list with contacts is about $2,000 for 20,000 to 30,000 units. Usually, the quality of such information is outdated and poor; therefore, it needs to be validated. Despite this, the acquired contact database significantly speeds up the email marketing process.

Bulk Mails VS Spam

Mass-sending letters to recipients, who did not give permission to receive information from you, qualifies as bulk mail. Such activity is taken as neutral in the USA but falling into the category of the blocked emails is very easy. So, we need to overcome 2 barriers here: technical and human. At the first stage, there is an automatic letter evaluation system based on its code, structure, outgoing address, etc. We are familiar with this system, and to “robots” our letters look mostly “pass-through.”

A human cares about the headline, the sender and, most important for lead generation, the content of the letter.

Again, all the input should be gathered from your marketing strategy so each letter will be composed respectfully to the recipient’s image (psychological profile, pain points, requirements, etc.) — the buyer persona. That’s how we develop personalized letters and constantly improve them.

Time and Cost

When and How Many Leads Can I Get From an Email Marketing Campaign?


At the preparation stage, we need to understand your offer, positioning, the market, and competitors. In case your marketing input is ready and available for study, the following steps are simple:

  • Contact database purchase, validation
  • Choose and get email marketing domains. Emailing system setup
  • Letters development stage: headlines, content, design
  • Analytics setup, UTM tags
  • Sign up for email marketing tool, buy domain(-s)
  • Follow-up emails plan
  • Test email campaign

So, the first email marketing campaign can be launched during the first week of activities. The responses may come immediately after the mailing or within a week. Therefore, the first results of email marketing outsourcing might be expected in two weeks after the start. In case B2B a prospect may need time to do research about the company and offer from the letter, discuss it with colleagues or approve it. The average conversion rate we have in our projects is 1%.


The monthly price for email marketing outsourcing for B2B starts at $2000. The price includes strategic planning, email marketing software setup, two cold letters, and 3 follow-ups; a weekly bulk mail campaign, and weekly newsletters campaign. Additional costs apply for contact lists from third parties and domains for the sender’s email addresses.

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