About Us

DigitOWL Marketing is Anti-Agency

DigitOWL Marketing is a Ukrainian outsourcing firm that helps small and middle B2B companies to provide complex digital marketing for reasonable rates. Our professional team of young specialists works remotely.

We want to prove that foreign companies will greatly benefit from working with Ukrainian internet marketing geeks, as they are not inferior to their local staff in competence, professionalism and, most importantly, inspiration.

Lviv Becomes a Center of IT and Innovations in the Eastern Europe

We started our work journey in 2016 in Kyiv where most of the projects from our portfolio were implemented. Now we have relocated to Lviv, which is becoming a new IT hub in Ukraine. Many technological companies open offices here because of low taxes, a good labor market and a favorable climate for development. Our mission is to help them to promote complex technological products and services all over the world.

DigitOWL Marketing - (не) агенція у Львові

Demand creates supply. Our customers from the USA, Ukraine, Canada, and Germany do not want to simply give the task to an agency. Marketing is fascinating, so they want to always be in the thick of things: to influence the project directly and efficiently; take part in brainstorming, creativity, and design with us; track the latest changes; and experiment with resources and budget. Basically, outsourcing is like having an in-house marketing team. It’s just cheaper.

In a regular marketing agency, such an approach isn’t available because of the business rules and contractual obligations. In our case, time and human resources can be managed as the client wishes.