SMM for B2B

Social Media Marketing is One of the Trust Activators for Brands

SMM Leads for B2B? Not Exactly...

Be sure, your prospects will check your company's Facebook and/or LinkedIn page after they find you online. To implement the right content plan for SMM channel so your brand could get their trust is one of our priorities within SMM outsourcing. Reach out now for more insights!

As you probably know, in most cases, the SMM channel for B2B isn’t rich for lead generation, but it has a special place in the process of introducing the company (or product/service) to a potential client. Relevant posts on Facebook, for example, show that the company is real, has a corporate life, shares some expertise, and spends time to provide that information. It inspires the prospect’s loyalty. If you decide to boost SMM activities for your business here are the features we’re glad to provide:

The Priority

From the list of social media choose one or two the most suitable where your target audiences spend time the most. All the rest will be used on demand.

Social Media Profiles

Cover design, description, contacts; adding keywords, setting up a chatbot, etc


Content types, post plan (sources, ideas, style), frequency and quality

Engaging Posts

Start with a number of posts about your company, services, and features that might bring value to your customers


We publish posts in the major social media and duplicate (optimize) in the secondary ones

Social Media Ads

We set up targeted advertising in Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media on demand

Social Media

Which Social Platforms to Focuse?

We believe the most important social networks for B2B are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google My Business. The rest are considered as support or narrow-key platforms for communication with target audiences.

LinkedIn is used mainly for finding and reaching out specific contacts, publishing articles and presentations (SlideShare), and targeted advertising. Facebook is an indicator of the company’s activity: internal events, news, inspirational posts, as well as content distribution. Google My Business is great for local promotion when the organization is displayed on Google Maps.



Google My Business








YouTube is classified as a secondary social media for B2B due to the difficulty of creating the content, although sometimes a simple tutorial can also bring additional leads. Advertising here usually works poorly compared to other social networks. It’s better to promote it organically.

We use Instagram very rarely. Infographics are good to be posted on Pinterest. The remaining social media platforms are good for receiving links and can be activated according to the situation (if there is a response from the target audience).

SMM Efficiency for B2B?

Is it Worth the Investment?

We do not recommend actively spending budgets on social media ads. Rather, it can be good for brand awareness or demand research. Still, if there is a desire to try social media for a lead generation we would recommend LinkedIn.

Keep in mind one thing: a company’s absence, for example, on Facebook can cause the distrust of potential customers. Therefore, periodic background activity in social media must be present.

Sometimes, the first contact with a prospect occurs through a social media channel. It can be converted into a lead, but usually it happens later, through your website. Very rarely will they write in the chat or leave comments. However, if they do, it is important to respond instantly and in the same place.

Time and Cost

Social media profiles creation can take from 1 to 2 business days. Initial content creation takes 1–2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the topic. It is necessary to post useful information within a few days in order to create a “content pillow” to ensure that the company’s page is alive.

SMM is included in the Brand Awareness package and should be combined to PR activities. However, if you need your SMM enhanced by our team, the monthly price of separate SMM outsourcing for B2B starts from $3000. The package includes general planning, daily posts, ads management, guest posting, establishing cooperation with groups and communities, and increasing the number of followers. We charge a 20% fee for the advertising expenses.