Mainly White Hat SEO for the U.S. search engines!

In our practice organic traffic is the most fruitful online channel for B2B leads. They are cheap, as a properly optimized landing page can get top ranking in Google and bring traffic for a long time after publishing.

SEO Strategy

Keyword group priority, landing page concept, link building, content marketing input data, and strategic planning to develop organic traffic channels.

Keyword Research

Focus on mid-frequency queries and adding long-tail keywords. High-frequency keywords for the future.

On-page SEO Optimization

Creating optimized landing pages. Text saturation by keywords, and assigning headings. Marketing-built titles and descriptions.

Off-page SEO Optimization

Natural link building. Backlink profile audit. Linking anchors according to the developed plan. Poor backlinks removal.


When you outsource SEO we follow all the rules of search engines – no tricks, no spam. Search bots are becoming more human every year, so we focus on a human understanding of the content relevance and add a marketing component to enhance the commercial effect. Everything should be optimized properly according to Google (and Bing) requirements.

  • Quality Content
  • Natural Keywords
  • Useful Links and Backlinks
  • Ease of Browsing, Usability
  • Image Optimization

SEO for Content Marketing

It’s about the initial part of the sales funnel when a user is in the research stage. Most likely they won’t make the decision to buy but rather will assess the level of expertise of the company to determine if it deserves trust.

Here we can focus on closely related traffic since we do not pay for clicks. The longer visitors crawl the website, the better the behavioral factor will work. After the user moves to a new level of awareness in searching for a service provider, they will most likely come back to the resource where the expert content was found.

Продвижение сайта на США
SEO для B2B на США

Link Building

Since this is an essential part of SEO we place link-building in the separate block.

Link-building service is included in SEO outsourcing by DigitOWL. It is divided into several stages:

  1. Basic (must have) – main social networks and services;
  2. Our list of directories + WEB 2.0;
  3. Q&A services, guest posting;
  4. Paid publishing, regular link building.

Another solution is to publish a few additional sites to create a satellite network. Along with backlinks, it can generate leads as well but it depends on the sites’ quality.


In most cases, B2B SEO outsourcing by DigitOWL is linked to marketing. Accordingly, the presence of a marketing strategy for implementing SEO is an integral part of a promotion. If the input data are specified correctly, obtaining organic lead generating traffic is a matter of 3-4 months, and top 10 for the main keywords can be reached in 6 months.

Need results earlier? PPC is your solution!

The price of SEO outsourcing for B2B separately starts from $1200 per month.

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